Monday, September 22, 2014

IHSA Results

The IHSA teams started off the season with a bang! The Western Team was Champion both Saturday and Sunday at our first home shows. They lead the region with 68 pts; Reserve Champion on both days was NCSU who have 62 pts. The Hunter Seat team earned 4th place at the Tournament of Champions at Goucher College in MD – a very respectable placing in a competitive tourney.

Josh and Red Ted had an excellent showing at Special Olympics in Raleigh – more on that in a future post.

Go Knights!

Results from Western Shows
Champion St. Andrews 34 pts.
Reserve Champion NCSU 30 pts.

Open Horsemanship A
2nd Becca Alden
3rd Kara Copeland

Intermediate Horsemanship II A
1st Jarret Vaughn

Open Horsemanship B
2nd Katie Mosca

Intermediate Horsemanship II B
2nd Sarah Murvin

Advanced Horsemanship A
2nd Phillip Alden

Intermediate Horsemanship II C
1st Cailey Culp
5th Samantha Bollinger

Advanced Horsemanship B
4th Mark Mowbray

Intermediate Horsemanship II D
1st Connor Smith

Reining A
2nd Katie Mosca

Novice Horsemanship
1st Logan Teeter – Section A
3rd Erica LeSeur – Section A
2nd Michelle Eld – Section B
1st Natasha Worker – Section C

Beginning Horsemanship B
1st Austin Trockenbrot

Champion Team - St. Andrews - 34 points
Reserve Ch Team - NCSU - 32 points

Open Horsemanship
Becca Alden - 3rd - Section A
Kara Copeland - 3rd - Section B
Katie Mosca - 1st -Section B

Advanced Horsemanship
Phillip Alden - 3rd - Section A
Mark Mowbray- 2nd - Section B

Novice Horsemanship
Natasha Worker - 1st -Section A
Michelle Eld - 1st - Section B
Erica LeSeur - 5th -Section B
Logan Teeter Carter - 2nd - Section C

Intermediate Horsemanship
Dillon Vaughn - 1st - Section A
Alysse Lemme - 3rd - Section B
Cailey Culp - 2nd - Section C
Jarret Vaughn - 1st - Section D
Austin Trockenbrot - 1st - Intermediate I

Beginner Horsemanship
Danielle Eads - 1st - Section A
Tiffany Burch - 1st - Section C

Katie Mosca - 2nd and Reserve High Point Rider for the day

Tournament of Champions – Goucher College, MD
1st - Goucher College - 41 points
2nd - Savannah College of Art & Design - 36 points
3rd - Mt. Holyoke College - 34 points
4th - St. Andrews University - 30 points
5th - Randolph College - 28 points
6th - Bridgewater College - 27 points

Also competing - Virginia Tech, Lafayette College, West Virginia University, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, University of Mary Washington, University of Wisconsin, University of Delaware, Rutgers University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Villanova, and Otterbein. Thanks to Goucher College for hosting such a great show!
All of our riders contributed points to the team total. Sabrina Vlacich won Intermediate Fences and Jessica Story won Walk, Trot, Canter. Cami Glaff was second in Intermediate Flat and Briley Branden was second in Novice Flat. Kelsey Kocher was fifth in Open Flat and Katie Thomas was fifth in Novice Fences. Paola Sierra-Danielsen was sixth in Walk, Trot and Kelsey Kocher was sixth in Open Fences. Congratulations riders and coaches Matt Arrigon and Tara Algieri!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Our Upcoming Weekend

Ride-Like-A-Knight is heading to Special Olympics today! Josh Dazey and Red Ted will be competing in several classes with Brooke Ellington as their coach. Liz Dulski and 5 students are travelling to help organize and staff the horse show. At home we are preparing for back to back western shows Saturday and Sunday to kick off the horse show season. The western team has some new riders, the region is growing so will some exciting competition at the barn this weekend!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fall 2014 Begins!

So as always the beginning of the semester has been a whirlwind at the Equestrian Center! Lessons started on September 1st (yes we have school on Labor day, but get the Wed. before Thanksgiving off) and from all accounts have been going well. The hunter seat coaches adopted the motto, “Stirrup free September” so all riders that are able have been riding without stirrups. Those that are not quite ready for that have been in 2 point for extended periods to get their legs deep and secure. Dressage has done some no stirrup work on and off the lunge finding muscles that these riders had forgotten about. Western riders have had equally demanding lessons with Carla and Lindsey.

Last weekend Matt did a teaching marathon for the IEA boot camp. Hunter seat riders volunteered to get the horses ready and on Sunday we held an IHSA style show with a beach themed draw table. Ride-Like-A-Knight started up on Sept 8. The program has a couple of new horses that are being eased into the program, Nora a Norwegian Fjord and Cooper an adorable paint pony. Riding Council has had its first general meeting with info on work study, what to wear, TH volunteering, plans for our 5k in Oct, team tryouts, the eventing club, up-coming western shows and a reminder from Peggy to do well in all things academic.

So this weekend is tryouts for IHSA, IDA and the hunter seat show team. Next weekend RLAK heads to Special Olympics in Raleigh, we have our first western shows of the year and a few students are going to Pinehurst to work the dressage shows at the Harness Track. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Tentative Schedule of Events - Fall 2014

            20                     Rider Placement for New Students
            24                     Barn Orientation for New Students
            25-29                Team Practices for returning Team Members
            29                     Equestrian Fair

1                                             Lessons Begin!
5-7                    IEA Prep Clinic and Tournament
8                      RLAK Lessons Begin!
12-13                Team Tryouts
18-21                Special Olympics, Raleigh, NC
19-20                Tournament of Champions, Goucher College, Towson MD
20-21                IHSA Western Horse Show
26-28                Triangle Farms ‘C’ Show , Raleigh, NC  (Boarders Only)
27                     Kris Hamilton clinic for Eventing & Dressage teams

4                      IHSA Hunter Seat Horse Show
8-12                  CHA Instructor Certification Clinic
9-12                  Fall Break
17-18                Riding Admissions Open House for High School Seniors
18                     IDA Dressage Show NCSU
19                     IHSA Hunter Seat Horse Show, UNC Wilmington, Rocky Point, NC
25 – 26             IDA Dressage Show Averett University
26                     IHSA Hunter Seat Horse Show, UNC Chapel Hill / Duke, Hillsborough, NC
26                     St. Andrews Equestrian Field Frolic 5k & 1 Mile Fun Run
26                     Showing Under The Stars - Halloween Edition
29 – 2               PATH Conference, San Diego, CA

29 – 2               PATH Conference, San Diego, CA
1-2                    Triangle Farms ‘C’ Medal Finals, Raleigh, NC
1-2                    Hunter Seat Clinic with Bernie Traurig
4-9                    Duke Classic ‘AA’, Raleigh, NC
7-9                    Equestrian Talent Search
8                      Chamber of Commerce Oyster Roast
8-9                    IHSA Western Horse Shows, Martin Community College, Williamston, NC
15                     IHSA Hunter Seat Horse Show
15                     Admissions Open House
21                     RLAK Lessons End
22                     IDA Dressage Show
22                     IHSA Hunter Seat Horse Show, East Carolina University, Vanceboro, NC
23                     Showing Under The Stars – Holiday Edition
26-30                Thanksgiving Break

5                      Classes end
5                      Riding Council Christmas Party
8-12                  Exam Week
***Events listed in italics are events that are not hosted at the Equestrian Center**

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

Neigh (NAEAA) Part Two

Friday evening after the conference wrapped up our group travelled by bus to Churchill Downs for evening racing they have dubbed Downs After Dark. We had learned from one of our speakers that the race course needed to attract more patrons and one of its ideas was to market itself as a destination. Downs After Dark of course included racing and betting but it was also themed with a Rockin’ in the USA theme the night we visited. Red, white and blue was the standard for dress along with live music. Folks were out for the evening dressed in their finest patriotic colors.

Early Saturday morning we were back in the bus and headed back to Lexington to visit more farms. The first stop was The Thoroughbred Training Center including The North American Racing Academy. The training center caters to trainers who have one or two horses. Trainers rent stalls in the numerous barns and have access to the training track as well as the services of professional outriders which from the sounds of things are life savers in many ways. Exercise riders and jockeys start around 10:00 after they are done with their larger barns and ride for a couple of hours. We learned about track protocols, the work of the out riders and some of the entrepreneurial businesses that support the training center.

The North American Racing Academy is the brain child of Chris McCarron and Remi Bellocq in partnership with Bluegrass Community & Technical College. The two year program is comparable to the schools in Europe that prepare students for the racing industry. Two tracks are offered one for jockeys and exercise riders and a second for horse care and training. We were lucky enough to meet Chris and Remi and listen to them talk about the academy, the challenges they face and the success of their graduates.

The next stop on our tour was Dixiana Farm – wow what a change of pace! This is a large breeding farm with beautiful barns, rolling pastures, white fences and very happy horses. We toured the brood mare barn and the yearling barn and learned more about the preparation of the horses for the sales. We enjoyed listening to the Irish Farm Manager as he talked about the various ways he cares for the mares and foals and the techniques he uses to prepare the yearlings for the sales. All the yearlings are called by their dams name so the owner can have the pleasure of selecting an appropriate race name.

Next up was Margeaux Farms which is another breeding farm again run by an Irish manager. This is a “for profit” barn that provides boarding and training for mares and young stock. The facility itself is not as fancy as Dixiana Farm but the care given to the horses was equally as impressive. All the horses were turned out as much as possible and allowed to run and play in the large fields.

Gainsway Farm was the next stop on the tour. Gainsway stands such stallions as Tapit, who commands a stud fee of $150,000 due to the success of his get. Afleet Alex who won the Preakness and the Belmont and Birdstone also live in one of the specially built stallion barns. Their lives as breeding stallions include turnout in lush green pastures and a busy schedule in the breeding shed.

The final stop of the day was Pin Oak Stud owned by Mrs. Abercrombie and managed by another Irishman.  Brood mares and foals as well as a very spacious stallion barn make up this beautifully appointed farm. New born foals and their mothers are introduced to the herd through the use of temporary pens set up in the pastures to allow everyone to safely become acquainted. The walls of the office are lined with pictures of racing victories from horses bred on the farm.

This tour and the pre-conference tour were exceptional opportunities to see the horse industry at work. The level of horsemanship and care that goes into raising and training thoroughbreds for the racetrack is extraordinary.  I did not know much about the racing industry before this, but I now have a great level of respect for the people that work in this industry. I  hope down the road to be able to take our students on a similar tour so they can appreciate that the industry they are interested in is much greater than just their own little pocket of experience. 
Churchill Downs

Thoroughbred Training Center

Husband Len with Chris McCarron

One of the barns at Dixiana Farm

The breeding shed at Gainsway

One view at Margeaux Farm

A Stallion at Pin Oak Stud